Emmy Award Winning Animator / Designer, Patriot Act, 2019

Speaker For WIA Chapter in Baltimore

Film Maker with ANIDOX Residency in Viborg 2017

Featured guest on Revision Path podcast with Maurice Cherry, 2017

Featured on Motionographer  series, SPECTRUM  by Lilian Darmono, 2016


I’m a passionate and strange animator with a proclivity for the grotesque. I incorporate these passions through animation, character design and Illustration.

After graduating from MICA in 2015 with a BFA in Animation, I’ve been animating for various publications, ad agencies, TV / web series all up and down the east coast. I’m currently freelancing in New York City, animating and designing with a focus on story telling, social justice, Black Identity, and general bad-assery.

I work primarily in Stop-motion, Cel and After Effects animation. However, I like to mix all three when I get the chance. I hope to make a mark that communicates my passion and devotion to bringing things to life through animation, illustration and design.


RESUME / CV — Link here